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Imagine a child whose illness prevents them from enjoying their childhood, from doing the things so many of us take for granted. Imagine a child whose weekly routine includes a steady regimen of medicine, needles, treatments, and pain. Imagine a family that would do anything to ease their child’s pain, to make their child smile, to make their child’s dream come true.

For so many families, these unthinkable odds are a reality. Give Kids The World exists solely to fulfill the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses and their families, providing them a memorable, magical experience that will live in their hearts for years to come.

With the help of over 3,500 devoted volunteer angels, countless compassionate corporate and individual heroes, and dedicated staff members, Give Kids The World is able to give these children and their families the most precious gift of all – the gift of hope. Families enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to have fun, to relax, and to spend the type of quality time together absent from their normal daily lives.

To learn more about the exciting events, activities, and surprises that await our families, please click here.

If I know of a child who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, can I send them to the Village?
If you know a child who has a life-threatening illness, please contact your local wish-granting organization.

Once the foundation has contacted the family, the child has the opportunity to express his or her wish. If the child expresses the wish to visit Central Florida, then Give Kids The World Village is contacted and arranges a joyful, week-long vacation, at no cost to the family.


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