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American Airlines

Understanding that serving a community means more than just flying there, American Airlines has been a dedicated corporate partner with Give Kids The World since 1996. Creating happy memories from May 1997 to September 2008, the Claytonburg Park of Dreams was the Village’s initial interactive waterplay area and the Happy Hollow Theatre served as its first theatre-style venue. It was sponsored and maintained by the American Airlines IdeAAs program.

Through the Something mAAgic Foundation, hundreds of American Airlines employees and retirees organize the annual WishFlight to GKTW. Since 1996, twenty-five Wish families a year depart their hometown terminals and all travel together for their fun-filled week at the Village. Upon arrival in Central Florida, the families are warmly greeted by the generous American Airlines employees who make the terminal truly "mAAgic" with welcoming magicians and clowns and countless smiles and cheers.

American Airlines also generously donates the airline tickets that complete the amazing and unique travel packages that are a part of the auction at the annual GKTW Black & White Gala. The Gala is GKTW’s largest fundraiser, setting new records each year, and the travel packages, with the American Airlines flights, are not only popular, but also an important part of the event’s success.

Two years ago, American Airlines took their relationship with GKTW "to new heights" by sponsoring a second Villa at the Village. Located in the new Fairy Tale Forest, the American Airlines Villa will soon be housing Wish families during their week stay and creating memories that last a lifetime.


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