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Boston Market

Since joining the Give Kids The World (GKTW) family in 2008, Boston Market has demonstrated a dedication and commitment to the Village that extends through the entire company. Today, the company provides its famous, fresh, nutritious and healthy foods to the families of GKTW each and every day.

Boston Market came to GKTW with the answer to a need. As the Village’s expansion efforts continued, so too did the need for additional dining options and a broader serving schedule. This need provided the perfect opportunity for Boston Market to partner with Give Kids The World.

Boston Market generously suggested opening a Boston Market restaurant – complete with rotisserie chicken, gourmet sides and the ever-popular cornbread - in the Village. Best known for providing wholesome, healthy food, the Boston Market team wanted to provide the same for the Village’s special families. Boston Market planned to fundraise, staff and operate the new on-site location and supplement labor needs with GKTW volunteers. In addition, the company wanted to make sure the location met the needs of the visiting families’ schedules – with lunchtime options that carried through into the evening hours.

The new Boston Market-sponsored location would be located on the Avenue of Angels, the whimsical pathway that connects all of the Village’s iconic buildings, and featured pick up window service as well as delivery service for families who wanted to enjoy their meal in the comfort of their Villa.

In keeping with the Village tradition of not posting corporate logos and signage, the new location was named for a former wish child. Inspired by a letter sent by her father, GKTW and Boston Market unanimously agreed that the special location would be called Katie’s Kitchen.

To help raise the funds needed for Katie’s Kitchen, Boston Market developed a coupon booklet that featured stories and images from the Village alongside $35 in discounts for future Boston Market purchases. The booklets were sold in Boston Market restaurants nationwide for one dollar, with the proceeds directly benefiting GKTW. More than 600,000 booklets were sold during the promotion.

On February 4, 2009, GKTW staff, families and volunteers, along with Boston Market’s executive team, celebrated the grand opening of Katie’s Kitchen. That first day, 44 families, more than half of the Village’s guests, enjoyed delicious, freshly-cooked Boston Market meals.

Boston Market plans to execute several cause-marketing programs annually to continue to support Katie’s Kitchen for many years to come. Boston Market truly exemplifies how one company can engage both customers and employees so that together they can help the precious families of Give Kids The World.


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