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 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) has brought the magic and wonder of the amusement industry to Give Kids The World for more than fifteen years. During that time, IAAPA's dedicated staff and generous members have fully embraced GKTW and the families we serve.

As the Association for the amusement industry, IAAPA's members are dedicated to providing family fun and creating special memories for their guests all over the world. From local attractions to world-renowned theme parks, IAAPA members represent the best of childhood dreams.

IAAPA's members have helped GKTW create the iconic buildings and whimsical playland that make the Village so special. From the design and construction of the Castle of Miracles and the Amberville Train Station, to our magical, fully wheelchair accessible carousel to our fully interactive miniature golf course, IAAPA members large and small have come together to help make GKTW the most magical Village on earth.

IAAPA's generous members also help families continue to make magical memories and spend time together as a family – even after they have returned home. The IAAPA World Passport for Kids Program gives GKTW Wish children and their families the opportunity to visit their favorite theme park, waterpark, zoo or attraction once they return home. This one-of-a-kind Passport gives GKTW children and their families complimentary admission to each of the participating IAAPA member attractions during the year after they left the Village.

The World Passport for Kids is valid at over 200 attractions worldwide. A day at a local park gives our Wish children something to look forward to, provides an escape from their daily routine, and the chance for the entire family to relive the memories they created during their GKTW vacation. The World Passport for Kids is a special surprise presented on the last day of the Village vacation and has quickly become one of our most treasured Wish families gifts.

As IAAPA's Charity of Choice, GKTW also participates in the Association's annual Attractions Expo. The week-long convention welcomes over 25,000 members from around the world, and IAAPA makes sure that GKTW is woven into every part of the exciting week. From a booth on the trade show floor, to numerous unique fundraisers, the Attractions Expo has become one of GKTW's most exciting weeks. The convention begins with the annual golf tournament and motorcycle ride fundraisers attended by the industry's top executives. Throughout the show, Give Kids The World continues to have a presence at the kick-off ceremony, on the trade show floor, and as host of the 5K run and 1K walk.

IAAPA member suppliers and manufacturers also assist the Village during the Expo. At the end of the week, many exhibitors also donate items from their booths, including strollers, toys and plush for the daily gift-giving program, costume characters, coin-op rides for the Village and snacks and candy for the families of GKTW.

The partnership between GKTW and IAAPA is one that celebrates smiles, creates magical memories and brings joy to the special guests of the Village and families around the world.


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