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Sea World Orlando

"At the heart of every being lies a spirit of wonder." – SeaWorld Adventure Parks

SeaWorld Orlando makes a big splash every day at their theme park and provides children and families of Give Kids The World the chance to dive into a dream vacation – a world of wonder! Our children can watch the sea, meet the sky, catch the acrobatics of a dolphin, laugh at swashbuckling entertainment with an otter and a sea lion, peek into the mythical world of Atlantis, and remember to BELIEVE that all things are possible!

Every family member with Give Kids The World receives complimentary theme park tickets to SeaWorld Adventure Park in Orlando including the benefits of special guest assistance, free parking, and perks available only to our families. While visiting SeaWorld, GKTW families can get up close and personal with the dolphins by feeding them with a complimentary tray of delicious fish food and the park hosts shows and attractions perfectly suited to all ages.

As Give Kids The World strives to include every child in the family, SeaWorld helps fulfill that commitment by providing welcome gifts for every sibling upon arrival – Shamu souvenir plush dolls. Over the years, Give Kids The World has been blessed by the kind generosity of SeaWorld including fun visits from Discovery Cove animal friends and the weekly visit from "Pirate Shamu" character and his friends. SeaWorld also promotes community service and volunteerism throughout their company and help Give Kids The World by bringing out groups of employees for corporate team building volunteer events.

For many of our children and families, the "spirit of wonder" has been lost as they battle the life-threatening illness and the many challenges that surround it, but SeaWorld helps to recapture the "spirit" for them.


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